It is important to have a policy that guides telecommuting and remote employees. Here are the Top 3 Best Practices to Implement with Remote Employees.

#1 Clock In & Out

Hourly employees must clock in and out either using the system your firm has set up or through the various apps available like Hours Tracker, Tsheets, Yocoboard, Punch Time Clock. Be sure to tell them how, when and to whom the timesheets should be submitted in order to be paid.

#2 Security & Confidentiality

Remind remote employees they are responsible for keeping documents, sensitive client and firm data and other work-related materials confidential and secure while working remotely. Be sure to tell them that all work should be done on private internet connections – no public unsecured free WiFi.

#3 Responsiveness & Availability

Be sure to discuss when your remote employees are expected to be available and responsive. This may be the same for all remote employees or it might be individually specific. Either way discuss it with the remote employee and set the expectations now. Also, let them know when you, the attorney, will be available. Be sure to tell them how you want them to be available, i.e., phone, e-mail, SLACK, etc.

These Top 3 Best Practices for Remote Employees should be a part of any policy that guides remote workers. If you would like to learn more, contact Yaeger Legal Consulting.